About Us

Where did That Sauce Come From?

The award-winning That Sauce was created in the kitchen of Co-Owner Adam Donaldson countless years ago while trying to find something to go well with the ribs he was barbequing. Not satisfied with anything found at the store, Adam created That Sauce through trial and error, painstakingly adding and taking away ingredients until the perfect blend of sweetness and spiciness was created.

The name That Sauce was derived from the unoriginality of Co-Owner Kasey Oakley. While competing in BBQ competitions, Kasey would ask for “that sauce” to be handed to him while plating their award winning entries. When taste of mouth spread around of our BBQ sauce through cookouts and catering events, people demanded that they be able to purchase our sauce. With nothing better to go off of, we henceforth called it That Sauce, and have started bottling it for everyone to enjoy!

Our Amazing Team

Adam Donaldson

Co-Owner - Sales & Distribution

Kasey Oakley

Co-Owner - Sales & Distribution

Samantha Sloan

Marketing & Promotions